Communication Skills


Contact us to arrange one of the following fee-based workshops for your Schulich Medicine & Dentistry unit, department or division:

Speak So Others Listen

A three-session practical presentation skills workshop designed to develop additional confidence in your communication skills. Learn and practice strategies for giving both prepared and extemporaneous speeches. Master how to introduce yourself in networking settings and how to control nervousness. The enrolment maximum is set to 10 to allow participants to have plenty of time to speak and receive feedback.

Facilitators: Jimmy Chien, Donna Moore, Lance Mercer from Campus Communicators

Assert Yourself

Assertiveness does not mean getting your point across at the expense of others, nor compromising your principles to placate others. Rather, assertiveness is clear, respectful communication. An assertive person handles potentially stressful situations by design rather than by default. This course will identify the differences between passive, aggressive, and assertive approaches, and teaches assertive language behaviours. Participants will have opportunities to practice assertiveness, and consider how to use assertiveness skills in their work and personal circumstances. Assertiveness skills will draw better responses from others and allow you to be less stressed, more positive, more creative, and better able to get your job done more effectively.

Facilitator: Janine Higgins

Conflict Resolution: Skills & Processes

In this intensive one-day workshop, learn how to reduce stress and the risk of escalating, and how to work with others to reach agreement from differing positions. Choose an appropriate approach to dealing with conflict and learn a collaborative conflict resolution model. The skills and approaches presented will allow you to advance your interests without harm to key relationships, enhance buy-in, lower resistance, and use your time to create optimal outcomes.

This workshop is a prerequisite for Principled Negotiation.

Facilitator: Janine Higgins

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional and social intelligence determines how we leverage IQ into success in life and work. Participants will learn to accurately recognize, attend to and understand emotion; manage, control and appropriately express emotions, and appreciate the affect and influence of emotions on decision-making, achievement and influence on others. You can’t change your IQ but you can increase your Emotional Quotient (EQ) with understanding and attention.

Facilitator: Janine Higgins

Principled Negotiation

This workshop introduces a structured approach to negotiation allowing you to meet your needs and reduce resistance in others. Learn the key ingredients that optimize results, and learn how to avoid the biggest negotiating mistake.

This course builds on skills and concepts covered in the Conflict Resolution: Skills and Processes workshop which is a pre-requisite for this workshop.

Facilitator: Janine Higgins