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Faculty Development Teaching Certificate

A faculty member teaching students as he points to formulas on a white board

A number of workshops offered by CPD each term can be taken toward the Teaching Certificate. Workshops have been organized into the five groups listed below. To qualify for the Teaching Certificate, faculty must take a minimum of one core workshop and one elective workshop from each group. For the Winter/Spring 2014 term, the core workshops are listed below and can also be found in the Course Calendar. Please note that the Teaching Certificate is in development and course offerings may be updated.

GroupGroup DescriptionCore Workshop
Group A
Teaching Foundation
Workshops within Group A will focus on developing learning objectives, course design and implementation methodologies. The development of teachers and facilitators will also be examined. Designing your Teaching Road Map (See Course Calendar - page 7)
Group B
Evaluation & Feedback
Workshops within Group B will focus on feedback, assessment and evaluations. Offerings will explore the characteristics of feedback that learners consider credible and useful. Potential pitfalls and barriers to creating credible evaluations and feedback will also be discussed along with strategies to overcome these barriers. Evaluation & Feedback (see Course Calendar - page 9)
Group C
Workshops within Group C will focus on developing effective relationships between the mentor and the peer or student learner. Mentoring the Difficult Learner (see Course Calendar - page 13)
Group D
Workshops within Group D will focus on understanding scholarship in education and the development of scholarly projects in education. Education Research and Scholarship: Tips for Clinicians and Teachers Who Would Like to Get Involved (see Course Calendar - page 9)
Group E
Technology & Education
Workshops within Group E will focus on educational e-tools, the benefits of incorporating e-learning into education and other topics. Build your Electronic Portfolio: “E” in the service of “E”! (see Course Calendar - page 11)