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Special Event Notice

CPD is pleased to announce the following special faculty development presentations on June 2-3 by Dr. Malgorzata Kaminska, BSc, MD, CCFP, MSc.

                    Dr Kaminska     

Dr Kaminska is the Rural and Regional Coordinator
in the Department of Academic Family Medicine
at the University of Saskatchewan.

Everyone is welcome. Decanal leaders, teaching faculty in London, Windsor and distributed sites, residents and interested staff are encouraged to attend.

The presentations will be videoconferenced to Windsor.

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Presentation Details

Monday June 2, 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Making Sushi in Saskatchewan – An overview of the University of Saskatchewan's rural Family Medicine residency program

Location: Western Campus DSB 1002; Videoconferenced to Windsor Campus MEB 2100

At a time when Saskatchewan, its university and the Family Medicine residency program undergo great changes, the rural residency training sites tightly roll together learners, preceptors and communities to celebrate strengths, face challenges, and dream of the future.

The session will address the following:

- Overview of the U. of Saskatchewan rural Family Medicine residency program;

- Strengths and challenges of our rural learning communities;

- Innovation, growth, and the road ahead.

Tuesday June 3, 8:00 - 9:00 a.m.

Are You Game? – Disrupting medical education with unconventional teaching

Location: Western Campus DSB 1002; Videoconferenced to Windsor Campus MEB 2100

Gone are the days when games were just for fun; today's educators use games to achieve quality learning.  Find out more about integrating games into your teaching, and turning play into a valuable learning experience.

The session will address the following:

- Why use games in medical education;

- How to integrate games into your teaching;

- Rewards and challenges of being a gamer.

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About Dr. Kaminska

Raised in a traditional European family, Mal has, nevertheless, always tried to add “a spoonful of sugar” to her life.  Thus, despite her black sheep reputation, she made it through a biochemistry degree combined with some chemical engineering, as well as through the Fortress of Solitude known as U of T, where life was all work and no play.  Mal then, as several of her Dungeons and Dragons characters, escaped into the wild mountains of Alberta, where she completed her Rural Family Medicine Residency.  

After working for a few years rurally, despite the bright lights and rude drivers of Calgary, she was attracted to teaching.  She still is not sure how she became a Master Teacher and co-chair of the Physical Exam course at U of C’s undergrad med school, but she suspects that a dare or a bribe must have been involved. Mal has recently thrown the dice again leading her to exchange the warm Chinooks for the sunny yet freezing wide open spaces of Saskatchewan where she is the Rural and Regional Coordinator for the Family Medicine Residency program.  She gets to travel the province on a regular basis as she continues to split her time between teaching, research, clinical and administrative work.  

Mal hopes to one day attain the status of Wizard, also known in the Muggle world as a PhD in medical education.  She explores the magical realm of Cognitive Load Theory in the hopes of making learning easier and fun-er for all the inhabitants of the Land of Medicine.  Her energy is fueled by three loving puppies and a semi-disgruntled husband.

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