Instructional Innovation Development Funds Committee




Committee members serve for a term of three years. Membership is renewable once. The composition of the committee includes:

  • Vice Dean Education (chair) or designate
  • Undergraduate Education Representative
  • Postgraduate Education Representative
  • Graduate Studies Representative
  • School of Dentistry Representative
  • One member of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry with special expertise in education
  • One member of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry with special interest in informatics
  • Associate Director Education (ex officio)

Committee Responsibilities

  • ensure that the criteria for the awards are developed and regularly reviewed and revised as necessary;
  • assist in promoting the availability of funds;
  • establish a common mechanism for accessing the funds;
  • support an annual call for applications which is normally in the Fall;
  • participate fully in the adjudication of applications according to pre-determined criteria.
  • follow-up on results of the fund awards;
  • provide advice and guidance on the annual disbursements of the funds to the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Director of Finance with whom the responsibility of the funds reside.