Summer, winter, spring or fall – LEW is here for you

As this academic year draws to a close, this is a time of transition for many of our learners.

On May 15, we said farewell to the Medicine Class of 2015, as they now move on to their residency programs and their medical careers.

As clerkship year for the Class of 2016 wraps up, many will be travelling across Canada, the United States and internationally for their clinical electives.

Meanwhile the Class of 2017 are readying themselves for the next exciting stage of their medical education, and the Class of 2018 class will be take on new endeavours, including Student Support Team roles and the organization of the Big Sib/Little Sib program.

Transition, can be exciting and overwhelming.

Many of our learners will find themselves eager to take on these new challenges and some will find themselves struggling with the adjustment and in need of further support.

It is important to maintain balance in your life, develop coping strategies to build and foster resilience, and seek help when needed.

The Learner Equity & Wellness (LEW) Office reminds all learners that that we are here for you – at all times of year, including the summer months. Whether you are looking for wellness support, stress management assistance during the end of semester assessment period, career planning, or financial management support – we can help.

It has been a great academic year, and a pleasure to work with all of our learners. The LEW Office wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable summer.