The Conversation Canada features Drs. Saverio Stranges, and Javeed Sukhera, and Lloy Wylie, PhD

In 2018, Western University signed on as a member of The Conversation Canada. The Conversation is an independent source of news, analysis and expert opinion, written by academics and researchers themselves, and delivered direct to the public.

The Conversation has a monthly audience of 10.7 million users and the articles are often republished by publications like The National Post, and CTV News to reach an even wider readership.


“In a world of misinformation and spin, The Conversation contributes to healthy democratic discourse by injecting facts and evidence into the public arena,” — asserts The Conversation website.


Here are some of the articles written by Schulich Medicine & Dentistry faculty that were recently published in The Conversation:

Lloy Wylie, PhD, explores the need for mental health care services that provide transcultural trauma-informed care, as more and more refugees and asylum seekers are fleeing conflict and violence around the world.

Dr. Saverio Stranges writes that despite scientific evidence showing that vitamins and supplements do little to prevent chronic disease, almost half of Canadians regularly take them. He argues that you're better off exercising, sleeping well and eating a balanced diet.

Dr. Javeed Sukhera draws on his research on bias in the health care setting, to examine what’s needed to overcome stigma in advance of Bell Let’s Talk Day. (link to follow)

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