Dr. Michael Rieder receives 2016 Paediatric Academic Leadership - Clinician Investigator Award

As a paediatrician, Dr. Michael Rieder is passionate about ensuring children receive the best care possible.

This passion has been the driving factor behind Dr. Rieder’s more than 25 years of dedication to the international and national paediatric health care communities, which is being recognized by the Paediatric Chairs of Canada with the 2016 Paediatric Academic Leadership – Clinician Investigator Award.

Dr. Rieder’s research focuses on drug safety and adverse drug reactions, as well as optimal therapeutics in children. This includes studying genetic variations and their impact on drug efficacy and safety and the mechanisms of drug hypersensitivity.

The impact that this research has had, as well as the many leadership roles he has successfully taken on, have assured Dr. Rieder a place of distinction amongst his peers in the field of paediatrics.

Dr. Rieder feels deeply honoured to be recognized for his work.

“While this is a great honour, I personally think the more important aspect of this report is the recognition of the importance of research to define effective and safe drug therapy for children,” Dr. Rieder said. “The award really is a testament to the talented investigators I have had the privilege to work with, as well as my students.”

Dr. Rieder also commends the Paediatric Chairs of Canada for recognizing the area of clinical investigation in paediatrics.

“Given the current complexity of child health care, unless as an academic you are involved in clinical investigation you are not at the cutting edge of clinical care,” he explained. “It is clear that many of the major improvements in child health care have come out of carefully designed and rigorously conducted clinical research.”

Dr. Rieder is a Professor with the Department of Paediatrics, Physiology and Pharmacology, and Medicine, as well as a Scientist at Robarts Research Institute. He is the Chair of the Section of Paediatrics Clinical, and Chair of the Drug Therapy Committee of the Canadian Paediatric Society. Throughout his career, he has served as a consultant to Health Canada, the National Institutes of Healt, the Medical Research Council, and the Canadian College of Academies.