Commitment to the Community: Dr. Bruce Hill - Enhancing self-esteem through smiles

When Dr. Bruce Hill, adjunct clinical professor, is not instructing with the Graduate Orthodontics program, he is giving back to the community by volunteering his time with the Children’s Aid Society of London and Middlesex.

Ten years ago, Dr. Hill made the personal decision to work with Children’s Aid after seeing a child, who was being fostered by good parents, with a severe malocclusion. Malocclusions can require pricy orthodontic and sometimes surgical treatment to correct the problem.

Dr. Hill approached Children’s Aid and together they collaborated to set up a program that allowed him to treat children with oral health problems free of charge. 

Dr. Hill’s dental work has helped children throughout the local community. To date, he has performed comprehensive orthodontic treatment and interceptive treatment on hundreds of children.

“The response the children have when they realize that they have the ability to enhance their self-esteem with something as simple as braces is what keeps me motivated to do the work,” Dr. Hill explained.

Dr. Hill expresses that helping Children’s Aid is a decision that he’s never regretted. The humbling experience has opened his eyes to the untapped and underestimated potential of these kids.

“I truly believe that one must pay it forward in order to effect positive change in our community and world,” he said. “This is my small way of doing so.”