Department Profile: Facilities - A smooth integration of people, places and processes

With more than 440,000 square feet of space at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry to keep an eye on, the integration of managing our space utilization and allocation, keeping our buildings safe and secure, and coordinating construction projects is no small feat for the Facilities Department.

Kevin Inchley, Senior Consultant, and Paige Mastalerz, Communications & Facilities Assistant, make a great team when it comes to making sure things run smoothly around Schulich Medicine & Dentistry.

Both Inchley and Mastalerz coordinate the many email requests for room bookings that faculty, staff and students make on a daily basis. But that doesn’t even begin to cover what this jack-of-all-trades role includes.

Inchley is responsible for project coordination and management, and quality control of major and minor construction projects. He has an impressive 25 years of service under his belt at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, and in that time he has coordinated and managed multiple renovations and construction projects for the School.

This includes all stages of the project from conception through design, construction and occupancy. “I like seeing new buildings come together, and seeing tired old spaces refurbished into a new facility that people get excited about,” he explained.

A particular moment that stands out for Inchley was the day the School’s final building was converted to card access and the 13,000 perimeter keys in circulation became obsolete.

Working in Facilities also requires strong interpersonal skills. Inchley and Mastalerz both have positive and welcoming personalities that make interacting with them a breeze. This is an important and useful trait to have when you are dealing with a variety of different people on a daily basis.

While Facilities provides important services to our internal stakeholders, it also interacts extensively with the broader Western community including Facilities Management, Fire Prevention, Occupational Health & Safety and Campus Community Police Service.

Inchley believes in working hard and respecting others, while still managing to have fun and enjoy life. “Schulich Medicine & Dentistry and Western are great places to work,” he added.

And it’s exactly that attitude that keeps our daily interactions with the Facilities Department running smoothly and efficiently.