Name our hashtag - social media contest call for submissions

The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry is hosting a “name our hashtag” contest.

The School’s social media accounts provide a great vehicle to connect with members of our campus community and beyond. We are looking for a new School hashtag to represent Schulich Medicine & Dentistry in social media conversation.

The hashtag can represent the School’s name or a theme that is strong within our community. A hashtag will help us better communicate with our followers and track what the community is saying about us.

We are now accepting submissions for the new School hashtag. We will be accepting hashtag ideas from January 29 through February 13. A committee will vote on the top five submissions received.

Following the selection of the top five hashtags in mid-February, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry will host a poll on the School’s Facebook page, where you can vote for your favourite hashtag submission.

Hashtag tips & tricks:

What is a hashtag?
A hashtag is an unspaced word preceded by the “#” symbol. It is actively used on Twitter and Facebook and can identify and index conversations, tweets and/or posts about a specific topic or theme.

What makes a good hashtag?
A hashtag should be:

  • Short in length
  • Relevant to what it is describing

Is there anything the hashtag shouldn’t be?

  • Should not be the word Schulich on its own i.e. #Schulich
  • It should not be an abbreviation of the School name, i.e. #SSMD

Submit your hashtag ideas now! Email submissions to