Schulich Medicine students enjoy the taste of victory as Queen's Dean holds up his end of the medical match-up

Wearing a purple and white Western football jersey, Dr. Richard Reznick, dean, Faculty of Health Sciences and director, School of Medicine at Queen’s University, admitted defeat to Dr. Michael Strong, dean, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, in front of a crowd of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry staff and students last month.

Dr. Reznick was in enemy territory after losing a friendly homecoming bet to Dr. Strong in September. Since the Western Mustangs beat the Queen’s Golden Gaels, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry had been eagerly anticipating this medical match-up prize.

The well-attended lunch session began with light-hearted teasing from both sides, as Dr. Strong proudly presented his football rival with the winning jersey.  Dr. Reznick was quick to emphasize Dr. Strong’s connection to Queen’s medical school, his alma mater, and made a live purchase of two Queen’s University arm patches for the dean.

After the jokes were exchanged, Dr. Reznick went on to give a lecture titled “Beyond competency: New concepts in medical education.” The event was an exciting finale to the homecoming medical match up and a proud moment for the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.