Elizabeth Finger, MD


Associate Professor of Neurology, Western University
Office: Parkwood Institute A278
Phone: 519-646-6032
Secretary: Kathy Ayers



Bio Sketch

Dr. Finger received her MD from Cornell University. She completed an internship in Internal Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, followed by residency in Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Finger completed a clinical research fellowship at the National Institutes of Health in the Unit on Affective and Cognitive Disorders at the NIMH.

Dr. Finger joined the Department in 2007 and specializes in cognitive neurology.


Dr. Finger's research focuses on understanding the cognitive, neural, and genetic substrates of abnormal decision-making, emotion, and social behavior. The research program combines neuropsychological tasks with functional MRI, diffusion tensor imaging, lesion studies, pharmacologic challenges, and genetic polymorphism associations to delineate the cognitive and neural systems affected in patients with Frontotemporal Dementia, related disorders and their at-risk family members.

Medical Interests

Dementia, Behavioural Disorders, Cognitive Disorders, Psychopathy, Empathy

Honours and Awards

  • 2015-2019, Early Researcher Award, Ministry of Research and Innovation of Ontario


PubMed Publications Listing


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