Professional Development Series: Supervising Staff – Medical Secretaries, Trainees and the Learning Environment

Dr. Chris Watling, Associate Dean, Post Graduate Medical Education

Teaching Tips

1. What questions to ask of students
2. How to evaulate students
3. How to give students feedback


Roxana Caraman, Manager, Medical Affairs, HR reps from LHSC and St Joseph's

HR 101

1. Recruitment and Hiring Process
2. Performance Appraisal/Supervision
3. Due Process/Severance
4. Union vs. Non-Union Secretaries/Self Hire
5. Labour Law: Hours of Work, etc.
6. Review Boundaries
7. Providing feedback and setting expectations
8. Dealing with Difficult Co-Workers


Date: December 15 2017, 8:00-12:00 p.m.
Location: Victoria Hospital B2-124
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