Dr. Gary Tithecott, MBA, MD, FRCPC

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education

Dr. Teresa Van Deven, PhD

Coordinator, Curriculum Oversight, Undergraduate Medical Education

Matthew Longstaffe

Coordinator, Evaluation Data & Project Management, Undergraduate Medical Education

Dr. Mel Boulton, MD, PhD, FRCSC

EPA Lead, Undergraduate Medical Education

Dr. Lisa Shepherd, MD, FRCP (C)

Clinical Assessment Lead, Undergraduate Medical Education

Dr. Gerry Cooper, EdD

Associate Dean Windsor Campus

Nicole Sbrocca, Bsc, MSc

Manager Windsor Campus

Hersch Rosenberg, MD, FRCPC

Assessment Lead

Michele Weir, MD, FRCPC

Accreditation Lead, UME Program

Faculty, Student, and Staff members of the Curriculum Renewal Executive Committee, Task Force Leads Committee, Curriculum and Pedagogy Task Force, Assessment Task Force, and Student Experience Task Force. These have representation from both campuses and across many clinical and basic science departments with students across all years of the MD Program.