The Faculty Development CBME Working Group is dedicated to overseeing the faculty development initiatives necessary to support CBME across the continuum. 

Recognizing that there is tremendous education expertise throughout our organization, the working group welcomes input from our learners, faculty, and staff across the basic science and in clinical departments.

Dr. Richard Cherry

Associate Dean Learning with Technology & Simulation (Co-Chair)

Dr. Valerie Schulz

Associate Dean CPD (Co-Chair)

Dr. Mel Boulton

Undergraduate, Postgraduate Neurosurgery

Dr. Fabiana Crowley

Undergraduate Physiology and Pharmacology

Dr. Murad Husein

Undergraduate, Postgraduate Otolaryngology

Dr. Charys Martin

Undergraduate Anatomy

Dr. Javeed Sukhera

Undergraduate, Postgraduate Psychiatry

Dr. Shannon Venance

Postgraduate CBME Lead

Dr. Jennifer Vergel de Dios

Postgraduate Anesthesia

Dr. Michele Weir

Postgraduate Pathology