What have your colleagues been up to?

Kudos to Psychiatry, Neurosurgery, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

Your colleagues have been busy planning their work for the transition to CBME. Here’s an update on what’s taken place in Psychiatry, Neurosurgery, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.


Dr. Volker Hocke, program director and his colleagues have their hands full with the five-year psychiatry residency program offered in London, Windsor and area, in addition to two subspecialty programs Geriatric Psychiatry, and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Dr. Brian Burke, assistant program director in Windsor along with the departmental support for five discrete education portfolio leads should provide necessary infrastructure and collaboration to implement CBME successfully. As an example, the evaluations portfolio might be the equivalent to a competence committee with some tweaking rather than major renovations.


Neurosurgery began identifying the core tasks of competent neurosurgeons in the first Competency by Design (CBD) workshop in 2016.  Dr. Fawaz Siddiqi, program director, has now been joined by Dr. Mel Boulton as the CBME Lead. Dr. Boulton will bring a unique learning continuum lens as he also has a lead role with the undergraduate medical education Curricular Renewal EPA Task Force. The Neurosurgery program is well situated to move forward with CBME taking advantage of their daily low stakes feedback forms in the operating room and the clinic and the quarterly meetings for discussion of resident progression. Two other faculty, Drs. Steve Lownie and Joe Megeysi, serve on the board of the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation which is introducing CBD in CPD into the annual conference spring 2017.


Dr. Alia Kashigari is the energetically engaged program director for Respirology. A small program in a small division, she has all of her faculty involved with piloting a competence committee and she is eagerly awaiting July 2017, when her colleague Dr. Dhaliwal will serve as the Chair of the competency committee. The program is also collaborating with other programs in Canada and the US to measure the development of competency by using the Ontario Bronchoscopy Assessment tool. This assessment tool will provide a series of in the moment feedback for residents that the CC can then review. It uses a modified O-Score for assessment of resident knowledge, skills and attitudes for bronchoscopy.

Nuclear Medicine

Kudos to Nuclear Medicine and the program director Dr. Cigdem Akincioglu in bringing on board physicist Rob Stodilka, PhD as the CBME Lead. Stodilka has initiated a curriculum review with a CBME lens after attending the postgraduate medical education fall retreat and anticipating their first specialty CBD workshop.  The division faculty is small and fairly unique with two PhDs and seven MDs providing the teaching, supervision and assessment of five-six residents.  We look forward to hearing more.