CBME Bulletin

May 2018
Entrada becomes Elentra and more news on the new platform, Medical Oncology is transitioning to competency-based medical education (CBME) on July 1, 2018, and Dr. Mary Jenkins attended a three-day workshop with the Neurology specialty committee in preparation for the transition to competency-based medical education.

March 2018
Entrada has been chosen to serve as the School’s technology platform in support of competency-based medical education (CBME), Surgical Foundations CBME Transition, and Drs. Sarah Jones and Tamara Van Hooren from Paediatrics and Dr. Arif Al-Areibi from Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine discuss the role of the Competence Committee.

January 2018
CERI has become home base for CBME research, UME EPAs will be introduced into the new UME curriculum, and Dr. Chris Watling shares his thoughts on coaching lessons that medical educators could learn from the world of sports and music.