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Meet Catherine

Catherine Zhu, Year 4 BMSc


Hometown: Unionville, ON

Program: Double Major (Physiology & Pharmacology)

Year: 4th

My favourite thing about Western: The campus is stunning year-round.

Why I chose the BMSc Program: I always knew I had a love for science, so choosing to enter a program that allowed me to grow as a scientist was step one. I chose BMSc in particular because of the different modules that are available. From Physiology & Pharmacology, to Epidemiology & Biostatistics, I knew there was something that I would enjoy focusing on.

The best place to study on campus: The International Graduate Affairs Building – you’re surrounded by greenery and big windows.

My favourite class: Physiology 4510 – Understanding pluripotency: The physiology of stem cell fate and function (trust me, it’s a good course).

Best place to eat on campus: The Spoke, because of asiago sourdough bagels with spinach and feta cream cheese.

Best way to meet other BMSc students: Join clubs like BMSA or meet students in your labs!

Three words to describe being a BMSc student at Western: Never stop learning.

What I to be when I grow up (future goals): Someone who makes positive changes in people’s lives.

Best thing about being a student at Western: I’m surrounded by so many like-minded people who have similar goals and interests to me. Everyone’s super supportive and there when you have questions about school or life in general.  

Advice to students considering Western: I was deciding between a few schools in grade 12, but choosing Western has been the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve grown so much as a person and a scientist because of the lessons I’ve learned at Western. London’s a pretty cool city too, as long as you get outside of the Western bubble and have fun exploring the city. 

My campus/community extracurricular involvement: I joined Right to Play my first year, Science Students’ Council’s charity sub-committee second year, volunteered at a pharmacy third year, and now I’m working in a lab. I wish I was more involved in extracurriculars in my earlier years as an undergraduate student, but I was a shy kid that needed to break out of her comfort zone (which I eventually did)!