Meet Kelvin

Kelvin Zhou

Hzhouometown: Singapore/London

Program: Honors Specialization in Physiology

Year: 3

My favourite thing about Western: The spirit of family that our community possesses, especially in the Faculty of Science!

Why I chose the BMSc Program: The wide variety of programs offered combined with the strong support for undergraduate research made BMSc a very attractive degree to have that and one that will open many doors.

The best place to study on campus: Lower Ground floor, Allyn and Betty Taylor Library 

My favourite class: Microbiology and Immunology 2500A/B

Best place to eat on campus: University Community Centre Cafe

Best way to meet other BMSc students: Classes, extracurricular activities (labs, clubs, volunteering, etc.) and the library!

Three words to describe being a BMSc student at Western: Better Every Day!

What I to be when I grow up (future goals): My goal is to eradicate diseases and alleviate human suffering. Above all, I wish to make a positive impact in my community and inspire others to do the same.

Best thing about being a student at Western: You get the best of both worlds: attending a major academic institution and having one-on-one access to instructors like at a smaller school.

Advice to students considering Western: Get out of your comfort zone and get involved.

My campus/community extracurricular involvement: Western Science Student Senator; Heart 4 Heart Western Vice President; Laird Lab Research Student; A.B. Lucas Secondary Senior Football Coach; Genetics Mentorship Program Vice President Internal, University Hospital Food Services Volunteer