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Meet Alyssa

Alyssa Francis


Hometown: Georgetown, ON

Program: Honors Specialization in Biochemistry of Infection and Immunity

Year: 3

My favourite thing about Western: I love the fact that Western is such a diverse campus, with so many opportunities made available to students. You can literally get involved in anything you want!

Why I chose the BMSc Program: I have always been interested in science and the human body, and the BMSc program offers courses that focus on basic science and how it can be applied in a medical context. It seemed like a perfect fit for me!

The best place to study on campus: Taylor Library (main floor for group study, lower ground floor for independent).

My favourite class: Microimm 3620G- 3rd year immunology lab (the content is really interesting and you learn so much!)

Best place to eat on campus: The Spoke- I love their veggie bagelwich on mushroom swiss

Best way to meet other BMSc students: I met a lot of other BMSc students through clubs, even clubs that aren’t science-based (like Dance Force!). I have also met quite a few people in labs, and I am still friends with many BMSc students I met during O-Week my first year.

Three words to describe being a BMSc student at Western: Determined, Engaged, Supportive

What I to be when I grow up (future goals): A doctor, with a focus on integrative medicine.

Best thing about being a student at Western: The beautiful campus and the amazing school pride!

Advice to students considering Western: If you want to go to school in a supportive, welcoming, and engaging community, then Western should definitely be on the top of your list; the countless opportunities available in leadership and academics will challenge you and help you grow as a person. Plus, the student experience at Western is unmatched by any other university, and London is a great city to live in!