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Note: For more admission requirements and application process please visit the Bachelor of Medical Sciences (BMSc) Website.

What is Biophysics?

Simply, it is the study of living things through the application of the laws and principles of physics.   Our teaching and research focus on the biophysics of the human body and of higher animals. Many of the teaching faculty in the department are scientists in one of the research institutes associated with Western, and bring special topics from their research such as blood flow, orthopedic mechanics, medical imaging and cancer biology.

Admission Requirements and Application Process

Medical Biophysics is part of the Bachelor of Medical Sciences (BMSc) Program. BMSc is a "second-entry" program. Students are not admitted directly into the BMSc Program in Year 1 -- they will apply for admission to the BMSc Program when entering Year 3. Students interested in the BMSc Program (i.e. in the modules leading to BMSc degrees) will usually register in the Medical Sciences First Entry Program in the Faculty of Science in Years 1 and 2. View the admission requirements on the BMSc website.