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In 2014, we were thrilled to announce the creation of a new award, in honour of the late Dr. Alan C. Groom. The Alan C. Groom Seminar Award will be awarded annually to the graduate student who has presented the most effective seminar during the year. Medical Biophysics graduate students are required, each year, to present a brief seminar on their research topics, to an audience consisting of their peers and faculty members in the Department.  The seminars are evaluated by other students and faculty member 'judges' and the confidential evaluations are processed within the departmental graduate office.  Students are eligible to nominate one another for the award. The 2015 awards were presented on September 17, during the first weekly Medical Biophysics Seminars.

audience at 2015 seminar

This year, the Alan C. Groom Seminar Award was presented to two students:

AC Groom Award Winners

Above: Award winners with Dr. Robert Bartha, and the family of the late Alan C. Groom.