Terry Peters, PhD, FCCPM

Terry Peters


o. RRI 1232L
t. 519.663.5777 x24159
e. tpeters@robarts.ca

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Biography: Dr Peters' laboratory tackles problems related to Image-guided interventions. His lab is identifying brain  pathologies through multi-spectral imaging and histology correlations and developing minimally-invasive heart surgery using ultrasound and augmented reality to  repair structures in the beating heart! Other research aims to assist the safe delivery of anesthetic agents to critical regions such as the spine using Ultrasound and augmented reality, and the application of novel image processing approaches for prostate resection using the daVinci robot. All of these projects are supported by  shared platforms of image segmentation, image registration, 3D-visualization, and instrument tracking.

Research Areas: Image-guided surgery; 3-D visualization, non-linear image warping, instrument tracking, multi-modality image registration, brain imaging, cardiac imaging, stereoscopic visualization, virtual reality