Jerry J. Battista, PhD, FCCPM, FAAPM


Retired - Former Co-Director for the PhD CAMPEP Accredited Program

t. 519-685-8300 x. 53613 (LRCP)

Biography: My research focuses on improving the accuracy and precision of cancer radiotherapy using contemporary high energy x-ray beam techniques. We use a wide range of experimental methods (e.g. 3D dosimetry) and computational simulation (e.g. error propagation) of the entire course of radiotherapy in individual patients. The accumulation of the radiation dose distribution is modelled over time as it builds up in the patient from day to day. This anatomy-dose modelling accounts for changes in the dose reaching the tumour and surrounding critical organs. If necessary, alarms are triggered to force a replanning of treatment to adapt to these changes while maintaining the original clinical outcome goals.

Research Interests: Radiation dose computations, radiation detection in 3D, new radiation sources for brachytherapy, radiobiology of DNA damage and repair.