Jean Theberge, PhD

Jean Theberge

Associate Professor

o. SJHC B5-216
t. 519.646.6100 x65635

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Biography: The NeuroPsychiatry Imaging Lab (NeuroPIL), led by Dr. Théberge, is a research group dedicated to the development, implementation and application of brain imaging methodologies in psychiatry research. We mostly focus on development of high field magnetic resonance spectroscopy data acquisition analysis methods, but regularly venture into imaging. Application-wise we mostly focus on schizophrenia research, but regularly venture into major depressive disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder. Beyond psychiatry, a component of my work centers around evaluation of MRI safety of implanted devices.

Research Areas: Development of metabolite-selective MRS for brain serine concentration measurements in schizophrenia, Examining abnormal brain activity oscillations in schizophrenia using high field Lorentz effect fMRI