Alexandre Legros, PhD


Associate Professor/LHRI Scientist

t. 519.646.6100 x65959

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Biography: Research conducted in our lab is investigating the impact of electric and magnetic stimulations applied to the human brain using various non-invasive modalities (including TMS, tDCS and tACS). Studied outcomes include electrically and magnetically induced visual perceptions (called phosphenes), vestibular disturbances (and balance control), Electroencephalography (EEG), modulation of voluntary movements and movement disorders (such as Parkinson’s Disease). These projects are of critical interest from an international safety perspective (i.e. regulatory guidelines protecting the public and workers from electromagnetic exposures), and they are opening new avenues in terms of therapeutic translations.

Research Areas: Exposure to 60 Hz Magnetic Fields: Biophysical Effects: PHASE II, Diagnostic Assessment of Cerebral Impairment in Canadian Forces Operations: Phase 2