Hanif Ladak, PhD, PEng


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Associate Professor

Sabbatical Leave: July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016

o. MSB 403
t. 519.661.2111 x86551
e. hladak@uwo.ca

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Biography: Hearing loss is highly prevalent worldwide and is a growing concern as it impacts our ability to learn, work and remain socially connected at all stages of life. The World Health Organization recognizes hearing loss as a priority area. Prof. Ladak's laboratory works in close collaboration with ear surgeons and biomedical companies to develop hearing assistive devices, eardrum grafts, new diagnostic techniques (including imaging approaches and analysis software) and surgical training simulators with a focus on translation from the laboratory to clinical/surgical practice.

Research Areas: Development of interactive computer-based simulators for surgical training and outcome prediction with applications to the ear, nose and throat