Graham King, MD, MSc, FRCSC


Graham King


o. SJHC HULC D0-202
t. 519.646.6011

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Biography: The major focus of my research is on engineering-based biomechanical investigations aimed at improving the treatment of disorders of the upper extremity. Ongoing studies examine implant design and fixation, fracture stabilization, ligament repair techniques and computer assisted surgery. Facilities include a materials testing machine, hand, elbow and wrist joint-loading simulators, thin-film pressure sensing transducers, and a wide variety of laboratory-made analytical systems. Projects have led to clinical adoption of new treatment methods and the design (with industrial partners) of surgical devises and joint implants. Funding for these research efforts is by several major granting agencies, including the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

Research Areas: Wrist and elbow biomechanics, computer and image assisted orthopaedic surgery