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Application Procedures

Important Information For All Applicants

  1. NO application will be considered for admission until it is complete.
  2. Application fees are associated with the graduate application process.
  3. Partial applications (e.g. transcripts, resumes etc.) submitted to determine admissibility will not be accepted or acknowledged.
  4. If you are an applicant who has attended an out-of-province university, you are required to submit an official transcript from that institution as part of your graduate application. Your application will NOT be reviewed until this documentation is received.
  5. Preference will be given to qualified MSc applicants who plan to reclassify to PhD status in our graduate program.
  6. Successful applicants offered admission must have completed all of their BSc and MSc degree requirements respectively by the first day of graduate enrollment at Western. For PhD applicants, this includes MSc course work and successful thesis defense.
  7. Applicants residing outside of London who are invited for graduate interviews will receive financial assistance with their travel and accommodation expenses.

In your Statement of Intent, please indicate in which area(s) of graduate research you are interested & why your academic and research background has attributes relevant to your intention to pursue a graduate degree in Medical Biophysics.

Critical Information for applicants to the combined Medical Biophysics Clinical PhD/MSc CAMPEP Accredited Program:

To be eligible for admission to the PhD Med Biop Clin MSc CAMPEP Accredited Program, students must have a masters degree and have completed an undergraduate physics education that includes at least three upper level (3rd or 4th year) half-courses in traditional physics such as classical mechanics/dynamics, quantum mechanics, electromagnetic theory, thermal physics, atomic/nuclear physics, optical physics, or laboratory physics.  Exceptional students (those with an admission average of >85% and demonstrated research capabilities) who do not have a masters degree will be considered for direct-entry placement into the program should space be available.  All applicants who have not earned a masters degree should apply to the regular MSc program, indicate an intent to register in CAMPEP and will be notified by the Admissions Committee if they are being considered for Direct Entry placement.  Please note:  Space in the program is limited and a position is not guaranteed upon completion of the MSc degree.

CAMPEP Admission Path

CAMPEP Admission Flow Chart

Online Application

Start your online application. When prompted after the start of the application, prospective students who meet the admission requirements should choose the Doctor of Philosophy combined Clinical Masters Program. (See image below).

CAMPEP Application Image

All PhD Med Biop Clin MSc applicants who submit a completed application will be advised of their admission status to the program as follows: (a) applicant is academically ineligible for the PhD Med Biop Clin MSc Program. (b) applicant is advised to enroll as a regular MSc student, reclassify to PhD status by the end of his/her 5th term, and request admission to the PhD Med Biop Clin MSc Program at that time. (c) applicant is offered direct entry admission into the PhD Med Biop Clin MSc Program as a bachelor's graduate. (This option is for exceptional students.)  

Medical Biophysics students enrolled in their first year of PhD studies and contemplating a transfer to the PhD Med Biop Clin MSc Program must have the course pre-requisites and his/her supervisor’s approval in order to be eligible for a transfer into the PhD Med Biop Clin MSc Program. This type of transfer must be completed by the end of his/her first year of study as a PhD student.

Students who are offered enrollment in the PhD Med Biop Clin MSc CAMPEP Accredited Program will be assessed tuition at a higher annual rate than other doctoral students.  This amounts to an increment of approximately $6,000 per annum in addition to the standard graduate tuition fees set by Western’s Office of the Registrar. As an example, please refer to the Fall Term 2013 Clinical Medical Biophysics fees schedule posted on the Registrar’s website (see last item on page 2).

Bursaries and part-time clinical physics employment may be available on an annual basis to offset the increased tuition. Complete details regarding the annual cost of tuition and tuition support will be outlined in successful applicants' letters of offers from the Medical Biophysics graduate program.

If you have any further questions about our program, please email: