MSc Annual Stipend

As a Medical Biophysics MSc student, you will receive a funding support package of $15,400/year ($1,283.33/month)  to assist with your living expenses. Students with a minimum graduate admission average of 78% (as determined by the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies) will receive a WGRS (Western Graduate Research Scholarship) currently worth $4,500/year ($1,500/term) to offset a portion of their tuition costs.

Your graduate supervisor will cover the remaining annual tuition owed on a per term basis in addition to your funding support package ($15,400/year) for living expenses. In order for a MSc student to maintain WGRS eligibility, s/he must maintain a minimum 80% average throughout his/her studies. 

Funding Support Package Guarantee For The Length of Time To Complete A MSc Degree: MSc stipends are guaranteed for 2 years which is the time required to complete this degree.