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Honors Specialization in Biochemistry

Honors specializations provide a detailed exposure to the discipline and are the best choice for students wishing to pursue graduate degrees. One of the principal courses of the Honors Specialization is an independent research thesis project weighted at 1.5 credits. This course not only provides in-depth lab experience, but also provides problem-solving and critical-thinking skills that are much sought after in the biotechnology field and by professional schools.

Honors Specialization Modules


The specialization provides a detailed course based exposure to biochemistry. No thesis course is offered for this program. Note that this program does not lead towards an honors degree and is therefore not accepted for entrance to most graduate programs.


The major provides an entry point for students examining their level of interest in Biochemistry. The depth of study is suitable for professions not relying specifically on biochemistry. Students wishing to pursue further graduate studies or careers in the biotechnology industry should consider the Honors Specialization.

Double Major

Double majors provide the opportunity to obtain a significant level of exposure in two disciplines. The double major differs from the Honors specialization in that it lacks the thesis course and thus the research experience. Students that are considering future graduate degrees should consult programs of interest to determine if the double major will be acceptable.

Modules require specific courses, some of which may be common to other modules. Students who wish to combine modules containing the same courses must consult the Department(s) and Faculty concerned to see if such overlap is permitted.


Provides an introduction to the discipline.