Dr. Mariena Silvestry


  • BSc (Biology); University of Puerto Rico; 2003.
  • PhD (Molecular Physiology & Biophysics); Vanderbilt; 2003-09.
  • Post-doctoral studies; Western; 2009-11

Research Project

In Dr. Gary Shaw's lab, I worked with S100 and Annexin proteins. S100's are small, dimeric, EF-hand calcium-binding proteins that participate in regulating various cellular processes in a calcium-dependent manner. Annexins also interact with calcium, in a non-EF hand manner, and participate in membrane rearrangement processes, such as trafficking and fusion. I used a combination of biophysical and structural biology approaches to study these interactions, their partners and possible targets.

Experiences as a Post-Doctoral Scholar

I find that the department has a good, solid group of professors/researchers willing to offer plenty of good advice, ideas and technical help for one's project. It has been very easy for me to interact with them and this is very encouraging. Professors, post-docs, and graduate students are very approachable and helpful. And the undergrads that have done their 4th year project in our group are great - which I think reflects the quality of the education and care that Western has put in for them.