Featured Alumni

Dr. Brent Stead, Ph.D., MBA. on "Life after Western"

I joined Therapure Biopharma in 2013 and immediately realized how the skills and knowledge I developed while pursuing my doctorate in Biochemistry were going to help build a successful career in the biotechnology sector.

Currently, I am a Business Development Manager at Therapure Biopharma, a contract manufacturer of biologic drugs. My work involves bringing new client projects to Therapure, and I utilize the principles of biochemistry every day. We offer all types of solutions to our clients from producing monoclonal antibodies in mammalian cells to purifying recombinant proteins for transgenic organisms for use as human therapeutics.
Fundamentally, the processes we use on an industrial scale are the same as those used in a lab, and my training as a biochemist has provided me with a solid foundation for success.

It is not just the textbook biochemistry knowledge that has been important to advancing my career, but equally as important are the soft skills I learned in a lab setting. These are things like problem solving, working in a team environment, and data-driven decision making.  One of the most rewarding parts of my career at Therapure Biopharma is that it gives me an opportunity to be part of an industry that develops and manufactures products that can help improve or even save a patient’s life.