Department News for March

Publications this month are from the labs and collaborators of Dr. Fred Dick (Rb allele mutation), Dr. Stan Dunn (F0F1 ATP synthase), Dr. David Edgell (group I introns), Dr. Greg Gloor (bacterial microbiota of breast tissue) (fatty acids in overweight vs. lean humans) (probiotics and heart failure), Dr. Robert Hudson (fluorescent cytosine analogue), Dr. David O'Gorman (monitoring collagen synthesis using labelled tRNA), Dr. Rob Hegele (statin-related myalgia), Dr. Tony Rupar (MELAS mutation), Dr. Gary Shaw (RBR E3 ubiquitin ligases), Dr. Brian Shilton (FhuD2 structure), Dr. Walter Siqueira (enamel pellicle proteins and hydroxyapatite), and Dr. Eva Turley (hyaluronan in prostate tumours).

Dr. Peter Rogan will be presenting at the BRCA: Twenty Years of Advances – The Fifth International Symposium on Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer to be held April 23-25, 2014 in Montréal, Canada. His talk is entitled "Identification, Prediction and Prioritization of Non-Coding Variants of Uncertain Significance in Heritable Breast/Ovarian Cancer."

Drs. Pat O'Donoghue and Murray Huff were featured in our School newsletter.

Jacob Aguirre-Butcher, Russell Dickson, Dr. Derek McLachlin, Chee-Wang Ng, and Stephanie Zukowski were named to the University Students' Council 2012-2013 Teaching Honour Roll.

Adrienne Elbert (Dr. Berube's lab) was one of the top ranked PhD students in our graduate program, as demonstrated at the 2014 London Health Research Day (Platform or Poster Competition). She has been selected by Dr. Andrew Watson (Associate Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies) to present her research at the Canadian Student Health Research Forum from 10-12 June in Winnipeg, MN .

Victoria Fell (Dr. Schild-Poulter’s lab) and Amer Youssef (Dr. Han’s lab) received awards in the Poster Competition at the 2014 London Health Research Day (see School News).