Department News for January

Publications this month are from the labs and collaborators of Dr. Gloor (therapy for C. difficile infections), Dr. Madhulika Gupta (mTOR in fetal growth restriction), Dr. Rob Hegele (MRI adipose analysis) (cholesterol treatment), Drs. Rob Hegele, Tony Rupar, Victoria Siu (infantile mitochondrial complex II/III deficiency), Dr. Lars Konermann (Hb dissociation studies), Drs. Shawn Li and Geoff Pickering (DUOXA1), Dr. David Litchfield (pannexins), Dr. Pat O'Donoghue (recoding with selenocysteine), Dr. Peter Rogan (mRNA splicing mutations), Dr. Gary Shaw (ubiquitination), and Dr. Victoria Siu (HDAC8 mutations).

Amer Youssef, supervised by Dr. Victor Han, will give his PhD public lecture on 15 Jan at 9:30 am in Room 103, Kresge Building.

Dr. Chris Brandl and the Outreach Science Ontario Program have been featured in the 9 Jan issue of Western News (pp. 1, 9).

Dr. David O'Gorman has been featured in School News.

The Biochemistry Research Showcase and Harold Stewart Memorial Lecture took place on 17 Jan in the Kingsmill Room at Huron University College. The Lecture was given by Dr. Don Nicholson who talked about caspases, cathepsins, and lessons learned during his time as a graduate student at Western. The two poster sessions following the talk were well attended.

Dr. Pat O'Donoghue's publication in Angewandte Chemie is featured on the journal's Jan 2014 cover. This publication has been featured in a Yale press release, Science Tech Daily, The Scientist, and Chem Biochem.

A publication from the labs of Drs. Murray Huff and Geoff Pickering has been featured on the Jan 2014 cover of Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. An editorial was written about this publication.

Ashley Watson (graduate student in Berube lab) has been awarded a CIHR Age+ prize for her publication in J Clin Inv.

Dr. Don Spratt (post-doc in Shaw lab) has been featured in the School's Current Affairs.

Dr. Ilka Heinemann has been featured in School News.

Congratulations to Drs. Li, Ling, Litchfield, and Shaw for receiving CIHR Operating Grants and to Drs. Gloor and Lajoie (co-applicants on successful CIHR Operating Grants).

Dr. Kyle Biggar (post-doctoral scholar in Dr. Li’s lab) received the Governor General’s Academic Gold Medal for academic excellence during his PhD studies at Carleton.