Department News for February

Publications this month are from the labs and collaborators of Dr. Peter Ainsworth (BRCA1/2, oophrectomy), Dr. Nathalie Berube (CTCF, neuroprogenitors), Dr. Gabe DiMattia (ovarian cancer viability), Dr. David Edgell (endonuclease target sites), Dr. Greg Gloor (coevolving residues) (hand microbiome dynamics) (C. difficile infections), Dr. Victor Han (placental stem cells), Dr. Rob Hegele (diagnosis of cardiovascular disease) (LipidSeQ) (genetics of plasma lipids) (treating high cholesterol), Drs. David Litchfield, Gilles Lajoie, Shawn Li (caspase cleavage), Dr. Shawn Li (PDZ domains), Dr. Susan Meakin (pH, cerebral ischemia), Dr. David O'Gorman (Dupuytren's disease), Dr. Walter Siqueira (acquired pellicle and dental erosion), and Dr. Eva Turley (hyaluronan oligosaccharides).

Dr. David Edgell is the editor of the book "Homing Endonucleases" in the series Methods in Molecular Biology.

Dr. Rob Hegele has been featured in Robarts News for his recent work on hypertriglyceridemia. Check out the poster on dyslipidaemia in Nat Rev Cardiol, courtesy of Dr. Rob Hegele.