Biochemistry Holiday Party

Party goers  The Dunns

Tom and company  Safee and Dave

For everyone who attended our recent Holiday Party, I hope that you enjoyed the evening as much as I did.  On behalf of all attendees and the Biochemistry Department, I would like to express appreciation to those individuals who made the event a great success.  Special thanks go to Safee Mian and Tom McMurrough for their roles in overall organization and serving as hosts for the evening - and also to our very own Drs. Shilton and Telmer and the other members of Buttonfly for sharing their superb talents with us for the evening.

ButtonFly the gang

I would also like to thank several other individuals of our Department for making this event possible including:

Karen Dunkerly (Posters)
Donald Spratt (Trivia)
Haley McConkey (Decorations / Bake Sale and Ticket Sales)
Renee Tamming (Baking / Bake Sale)
Stephanie Dorman (Baking)
Adam Rabalski (Photography)
Sarah Hoffer (Set-up / Bake Sale)
Ryan Killoran (Set-up)
Louisa Salemi (Bake Sale)
Barb Green and Melita Hayes (Ticket Sales)

Thanks to everyone on this list for your contributions (and apologies to anyone I may have unintentionally missed).

Happy holidays!

Dave Litchfield