Dr. Maud L. Menten Memorial Fall Symposium with Dr. Helen Walden

Location: Auditorium B at University Hospital
Hosts: Karen Dunkerley and Aisha Freeman (Shaw lab)


9:00 am: Introduction of keynote speaker by Karen Dunkerley and Aisha Freeman
Keynote speaker: Dr. Helen Walden, Institute of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology; University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK
"Specificity and Disease in the Ubiquitin System”

10:00 am: Coffee break

10:30 am: Megan Rowland, supervisor Dr. Nathalie Berube

10:45 am: Matt Berg, supervisor Dr. Chris Brandl

11:00 am: Sonja Di Gregorio, supervisor Dr. Martin Duennwald

11:15 am: Yuning Wang, supervisor Dr. Gary Shaw

11:45 pm: Lunch in MSB 346