Visiting Speaker Seminar with Dr. Leanne Wybenga-Groot

Dr. Leanne Wybenga-Groot

SPARC BioCentre
The Hospital for Sick Children

"Drug discovery, cell metabolism analysis, and more; how SPARC can ignite your research"

Friday 27 Feb at 10:30 am
MSB 384

Host: Dr. Brian Shilton

The SickKids Proteomics, Analytics, Robotics & Chemical Biology Centre (SPARC BioCentre) at the Hospital For Sick Children is an amalgamation of analytical platforms assembled to provide researchers with state of the art services related to molecular analysis and design.  The SPARC BioCentre operates on a cost-recovery,fee-for-service basis, and is operated by an experienced professional staff that can participate in your projects all the way from early consultation and planning phases, through to the delivery of data, data analysis, and the preparation of publications and grant proposals.

Dr. Wybenga-Groot will discuss the many services provided by SPARC, with particular emphasis on their drug discovery program and the basics of how to perform high-throughput screening, as well as their cell metabolism analysis program. 

More info about the SPARC BioCentre can be found here: