Dr. Maud L. Menten Memorial Symposium with Dr. Stefan Knapp

Dr. Stefan Knapp

Professor of Structural Biology, Structural Genomics Consortium
University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

Friday 22 May 2015
DSB 1002

Host: Dr. David Litchfield

 9:00 am     Welcome & Introductory Lecture - Dr. David Litchfield
                   "Deciphering Cellular Decisions of Life and Death"    

 9:30 am     Dr. Patrick O'Donoghue
                  "Genetically Encoded Protein Phosphorylation"

10:00 am    Dr. Shawn Li
                  "Post-translational Modifications in Health and Disease"

10:30 am    Coffee Break

11:00 am    Key Note:  Dr. Stefan Knapp
                  “Selective Targeting of Epigenetic Effector Domains of the Bromodomain Family in Cancer”

Lunch        MSB 193C/D