Poster Sessions

The poster session featuring our summer students will take place on 22 Aug, with poster presenters divided between 2 sessions (A and B). See below for the schedule and the list of presenters. Posters will be hung on the bulletin boards in the Biochemistry Dept. on the 3rd floor of MSB.  If you are in the Shilton, Ling, Dunn, Yeung, Ball, Heinemann, and Litchfield labs, please ensure that the bulletin boards outside your labs are cleared. The Litchfield publication board and departmental bulletin boards can remain up.
   Presenters include BUSRP students, BCHM 4483 students, and additional summer students who have volunteered to present. We also have 3 students from Physiology/Pharmacology (4th-year honours thesis project students) who will be presenting posters.
Time Event Location
9:15 - 9:30 am Session A - poster setup hallways of 3rd floor MSB
9:30 - 10:30 am Session A - poster viewing 
10:30 - 10:45 am Session B - poster setup hallways of 3rd floor MSB
10:45 - 11:45 am Session B - poster viewing 
noon - 1 pm Pizza lunch MSB 346 (Boardroom)
List of presenters...
Student Supervisor Poster Number
Session A (9:30-10:30 am)
Al Massri, Shahed Shilton 1
Alsabbagh, Amr and Dron, Jacqueline Hegele 2
Asghar, Farah Deroo 3
Baranova, Katherina Rogan 4
Barr, Meredith and Ho, Rosettia Hegele 5
Berg, Matthew Brandl 6
Brar, Jashandeep Singh Ling 7
Desai, Riddhi Heinemann 8
Earnshaw, Rebecca Ling 9
Jo, Hyung Heinemann 10
Kim, Kunmo (Edward)  Heinemann 11
Liang, Eric Hegele 12
McMath, Heather  Dick 13
Session B (10:45-11:45 am)
Li, Mandy Phys/Pharm 14
Meister, Sarah Gloor 15
Mohammadi-Shemirani, Pedrum Ball 16
Qin, Wen Shilton 17
Poirier, Jacob Phys/Pharm 18
Roy, Kyler Huff 19
Rusal, Michele Shaw 20
Sajnani, Samar Gope Litchfield 21
Silaghi, Patric Berube 22
Tieu, Alvin Phys/Pharm 23
Topiwala, Ishita Litchfield 24
Vasanthakumar, Thamiya Dunn 25
Visuvanathan, Shagana Ball 26
Wu, Zhuoran (Wayne) Li 27