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Clinical Fellowship Types

Clinical Fellowship in Acute Pain: 

We are seeking a motivated and dedicated individual to join the Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine as an acute pain fellow. The acute pain fellowship will be offered to a candidate who has the potential to become a future clinical and academic leader in acute pain management. Our fellowship offers the opportunity to develop skills in acute pain management with integrated multimodal analgesia. The fellow will develop the knowledge and skills to manage, acute post operative pain, acute exacerbation of chronic pain in admitted patients, acute pain in opioid tolerant patients and acute pain in challenging complex medical conditions, and to recognize and initially manage the development of persistent post operative pain. Also, our fellowship offers the exposure to peripheral neural and neuraxial blockade through a rotation in block room with the regional anesthesia team. The fellow will spend some time in our multidisciplinary chronic pain clinic to develop the basic knowledge about the approach and the pharmacology of chronic pain. Our fellow will spend 40- 50% of the fellowship clinical time providing intra-operative anesthesia in the operating room.  Opportunities for research and quality improvement in acute pain are available.

Supervisors: Dr. Kevin Armstrong and Dr. Qutaiba Tawfic

Position: 1

Clinical Fellowship in Cardiac Anesthesia & Cardiac Surgery Recovery Unit (CSRU):

Has an annual caseload of about 1,600 patients (including robotic cardiac surgery, off pump CABG, valve replacement/repair, heart transplant and aortic surgery). The Cardiac Surgery Recovery Unit will link the intraoperative cardiac anesthesia management and postoperative surgical ward recovery to provide the full spectrum of cardiac surgical patient care, including the education and research in these patients.

Supervisor: Dr. Anita Cave
Positions: 4

Clinical Fellowship in Vascular & Thoracic Anesthesia:

Covers all types of complex elective and emergency cases, with the exception of lung transplantation. The vascular endovascular stent and thoracic VATS programs are well established. 

Supervisor: Dr. George Nicolaou
Positions: 1

Clinical Fellowship in Neurosurgical Anesthesia:

The aim of the Neuroanesthesia Fellowship Program is to provide advanced training to those individuals who either plan to enter academic anesthesiology with an emphasis in neurosurgical anesthesia or those who wish to practice in a setting that has a large number of neurosurgical procedures. Trainees gain knowledge not just through case experience, but also through an organized teaching program.

Supervisor: Dr. Miguel Arango
Positions: 2

Clinical Fellowship in Transplantation Anesthesia:

This fellowship offers advanced clinical training in renal, pancreas and liver transplantation anesthesia and opportunities for teaching and research. Sixty-eight liver transplant surgeries were performed in 2006.

Supervisor: Dr. Achal Dhir
Positions: 2

Clinical Fellowship in Obstetric Anesthesia:

The Obstetrical Anesthesia Fellowship offers advanced clinical training, teaching and research opportunities in a tertiary care obstetric hospital with 3,500 deliveries per annum, comprising an interesting and challenging case mix.

Supervisors: Dr. Indu Singh and Dr. Sandra Katsiris
Positions: 2

Clinical Fellowship in Regional Anesthesia:

Candidates will gain experience in upper limb, lower limb, neuraxial, and paravertebral blocks. We have a leading centre which teaches ultrasound guided blocks, ambulatory regional analgesia and use of stimulating catheters for blocks. Well over 3,000 procedures are performed per year, which also includes paravertebral blocks for breast surgery, offering a broad based training in regional and ambulatory anesthesia. Opportunities for research in both clinical and basic sciences are available. Didatic sessions and workshop based learning complement clinical learning.

Supervisors: Dr. Su Ganapathy & Dr. Rakesh Bhandari
Positions: 3

Clinical Fellowship in Simulation:

Click here for more information.

Supervisor: Dr. Richard Cherry
Positions: 2