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Competence by Design Update

Our department's preparations for Competence by Design (CBD) is well underway as our first 8 CBD residents will start on July 1st!

 We have been slowly disseminating information over the past several months:

  1. ​Site-Specific Rounds
  2. Grand Rounds
  3. Emailed newsletters - CBD Conversations
  4. Posters up in our lounges and offices
  5. Workshops for our Core Assessors in May
  6. CBD resident outreach including 3 videoconferences with them prior to July 1st

I hope you've enjoyed learning about CBD and it is an expectation that all faculty remain up to date regarding the changes taking place.  

Understanding that it can be difficult to keep track of all of the information, I've created a new website strictly for CBD and our department: It will be accessible on our department's website as well. 

You will find all of the information I have shared up to this point including video links to our rounds, PDFs of the CBD Conversations, and all of our workshop materials including slide decks, video clips, and practice assessment forms. Even if you have not attended the workshops, these are shared so that everyone can benefit.

In addition, other helpful materials include all 87 EPA descriptions, mappings of those EPAs, upcoming events, a Google Form to report any questions, comments or issues with ePortfolio or the EPAs when using them in practice. 

For our recent Core Assessor Intro workshops, I would like to thank those who gave presentations and facilitated the small group sessions: Arif-Alreibi, Andreas Antoniou, Rich Cherry, and Michelle Gros.

And a very big thank you to the Core Assessors who gave their time on a beautiful Saturday and those who stayed for a Tuesday evening to attend these workshops:

Hilda Alfaro

Kevin Armstrong

Matt Banasch

Pravin Batohi

Jon Borger

Jon Brookes

Anita Cave

Vanessa Fantillo

John Fuller

Ahmed Hegazy

Phil Jones

Ronit Lavi

Bill Lin

Peter Mack

Kristine Marmai

Steve Morrison

Mahesh Nagappa

Gopa Nair

Rudy Noppens

Kate Ower

Raju Poolacherla

Ilana Sebbag

Indu Singh

David Sommerfreund

Ramesh Vedagiri Sai

Ray Zhou​​

Thank you to Lori Dengler for preparing materials, ordering the food (very important) and also joining the workshops.
Lastly, to our resident volunteers who acted their hearts out: Sunny Gill, Roy Khalaf, and Dan Szoke. If you go on our CBD website, you'll find the video clips
That's all for now, much more to come.
Jen Vergel de Dios
CBD Lead, Department of Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine