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Quality Assurance

Dr. Ian Herrick, MD, MPA, FRCPC
Director of Quality Assurance Committee

The Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine Quality Committee complements the key role of the individual practitioner in delivering safe, high quality care with the following mandate:

This Committee meets quarterly and is supported administratively by Ms. Lee-Anne Fochesato.


  • Dr. Ian Herrick, Chair
  • Dr. Geoff Bellingham
  • Dr. Jonathan Brookes
  • Dr. Catalina Casas Lopez
  • Dr. Melissa Chin
  • Dr. Rudy Noppens
  • Dr. Raju Poolacherla
  • Dr. Indu Singh
  • Dr. Ramesh Vedagiri Sai
  • Dr. Magda Terlecki, Fellow
  • Dr. Bethany Oeming, Resident
  • Ms. Lee-Anne Fochesato
  • Ms. Brenda Maxwell, OR Leadership
  • Ms. Seetha Subramanian,
    Data Analysist