Dr. Ian McConachie attends 1st World Obstetric Anesthesia Congress in Hyderabad, India, as Canadian Representative

Dr. Ian McConachie speaks at a panel

Dr. Ian McConachie (right) answers questions during a panel debate.

September, 2015

Presented by India's Obstetric Association of Anesthesiologists, the 1st World Obstetric Anesthesia Congress was held in Hyderabad India from September 11th-13th. This was a truly international event, with obstetric anaesthesia societies from across the globe viz. OAA (Obstetric Anaesthetists' Association, UK), SOAP (Society of Obstetric Anaesthesia and Perinatology, USA), OASAO (Obstetric Anaesthesia Society of Asia Oceania, Asia & Australia) joining the AOA (Association of Obstetric Anaesthesiologists, India) in the planning and presentation of this Congress. 

Associate Professor, Dr. Ian McConachie, was invited by the Association to deliver a lecture, "Neuraxial blocks after spinal surgery." Dr. McConachie also participated in the panel debate, “Feeding during Labour,” and was an instructor in a Cricothyrotomy workshop.

It was the first Congress of its’ kind by India’s Obstetric Association of Anesthesiologists, and as there were over 1000 delegates in attendance from all over the world, it will undoubtedly not be the last.

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