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Honours Specialization in Biochemistry and Cell Biology

This module leads to an Honors Bachelor of Medical Sciences (BMSc) degree. See Bachelor Of Medical Sciences (BMSc) Program for more information.

Students entering Year 2 in September 2013 should see the Admission Requirements in the 2012/13 Academic Calendar.

Students will not be admitted to Year 2 of the Honors Specialization module beginning in September, 2014.

Admission Requirements, effective September 1, 2015 (for students admitted to Year 1 in September, 2013):

Admission to this Honors Specialization module occurs in Year 3 and requires admission to Year 3 of the Bachelor of Medical Sciences (BMSc) Program. Students will usually complete the Medical Sciences First Entry Program (Medical Sciences 1 and 2) prior to admission to the Honors Specialization module. Enrollment in this Honors Specialization module is limited and meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission

The 1000-level half courses listed below must each be completed with a mark of at least 60%:

* Biology 1201A with a mark of at least 70% may be used in place of Biology 1001A, and Biology 1202B with a mark of at least 70% may be used in place of Biology 1002B.

The 2000-level courses below must be completed with a minimum mark of 60% in each (unless otherwise indicated) prior to admission to the Honors Specialization module in Year 3. These 2000-level courses will also be used towards the Module requirements. See ADMISSION TO THE BACHELOR OF MEDICAL SCIENCES (BMSc) PROGRAM for additional average, course load requirements, etc. and MODULES OFFERED IN THE BMSc PROGRAM for specific information about Honors Specialization modules, including the Weighted Average Chart.


10.5 courses

Note: Some modular courses include a mark requirement in their prerequisite(s). See Undergraduate Course Information