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Dr. Kem Rogers


Professor and Chair, Construction Oversight Committee

Ph.D. University of Toronto
M.Sc. University of Ottawa
B.Sc. University of Ottawa

Office: 443A Medical Sciences Building
Phone: 519-661-3995

Research Interests:

Our research focuses on the delivery of Online education; specifically related to the Anatomical Sciences.

Using modern “Virtual Classrooms” (Blackboard Collaborate, Echo360 Active Learning Platform), we have developed fully online versions of Systemic Human Anatomy and Mammalian Histology with interactive laboratories. Using these classrooms, we have studied the effectiveness of online learning from the point of view of student performance (grades), student satisfaction and the experience of the instructors.

Research is also being conducted on the quality of e-learning software design. Experiments are being carried out to determine how the way students learn affects their success with different anatomical e-learning tools currently on the market.

Selected Publications:

  1. Armstrong, Z.B., Boughner, D.R., Drangova, M. and Rogers, KA (2011). Angiotensin II type 1 receptor blocker inhibits arterial calcification in a pre-clinical model. Cardiovascular Research 90:165-70

  2. Quail, D.F., Maciel, T.J., Rogers, K.A. and Postovit, L.M. (2012). A unique 3D in vitro cellular invasion assay. J. Biomol. Screening 8:1088-95

  3. Barbeau, M.L., Johnson, M.I., Gibson, C. and Rogers, K.A. (2013). The development and assessment of an online microscopic anatomy course. Anat. Sci. Educ. 6:246-56

  4. Armstrong Z.B., Boughner D.R., Carruthers C.P., Dragnova M., and Rogers K.A. (2014) Effects of an angiotensin II type 1 receptor blocker on aortic valve sclerosis in a preclinical model. Can J Cardiol.  30: 1096-1103

  5. Attardi, S. M. and Rogers, K.A. (2015). Design and implementation of an online systemic human anatomy course with laboratory. Anat. Sci. Educ. 8:53-62.

  6. Barbeau, M.L. and Rogers, K.A. (2015). Peer Teaching in Undergraduate Histology Courses. Anat. Sci. Educ. In revision following initial submission.

  7. Attardi, S.M., Choi, S., Barnett, J., and Rogers, K.A. (2015). Mixed methods student evaluation of an online systemic human anatomy course with laboratory. In revision following initial submission.