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Dr. Krishna Singh

Krishna Singh



Dr. Krishna Singh obtained his PhD in Molecular Medicine from Hannover Medical School (MHH), Germany, where he was one of 20 international students selected for the “International MD/PhD Program in Molecular Medicine”. His research interest centers on understanding the mechanisms that contribute to cardiovascular diseases, with the aim of identifying molecular targets for therapeutic advancement. His inventive research has been published in many top-tier journals; e.g. Nature Communication, The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Human Mutation, Oncotarget, Aging Cell, etc. He has received various international and national awards for his research, including the prestigious Vivien Thomas Young Investigator Award from the American Heart Association, Expert Opinions Clinical Impacts Award, Canada and Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada/ Pfizer Research Fellow Award. He has also received the National New Investigator Award by Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, and currently holds research grants from CIHR, and Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.


Research interests:

Autophagy, DNA – damage repair, Endothelial-to-mesenchymal Transition, Cardiovascular diseases and Organ Fibrosis.


Pubication Link:

Please visit Dr. Singh's Google Scholars page, or Pub Med page for his publications.