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Key Initiatives

The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western is one of Canada’s premiere medical and dental schools. With a rich history of medical and dental breakthroughs dating back more than 130 years, the School is recognized as a world leader in education, research, public policy and the development of unique academic, research, public and professional partnerships.

During the campaign, the School seeks to raise $145 million to enrich the experience of students and to achieve its potential to become a national and global leader in optimizing life-long health.

The Concussion Project

Dr. Arthur Brown and fellow researchers at Western University are changing the way to identify, treat and prevent concussions. They are developing therapeutic interventions to treat concussion when it happens, and prevent the damage that causes long-term negative effects. Their research has shown that the progressive damage from concussion happens as a result of the ongoing inflammatory process initiated with the original impact. The good news is that they have identified strategies that stop this damage, which is driven by inflammation. The strategies also regenerate nerve growth and improve long-term outcomes. The National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) has made a challenge gift of $500,000 to support Dr. Brown’s innovative concussion research. Your donation will help to support the remaining $2.6 million to fund this project.

The Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine

Public health and family medicine are natural allies in the ongoing quest to improve health. The Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine facilitates collaboration among researchers, educators, and learners in the distinct yet related disciplines of public health and family medicine, and serves as a conduit for information-sharing between academic leaders and community-based health professionals. Western has constructed a new 67,736 square-foot building that houses the Department of Family Medicine and researchers in the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine and the new Schulich Interfaculty Program in Public Health.

Schulich Interfaculty Program in Public Health

Schulich Medicine & Dentistry has developed a new Interfaculty Program in Public Health. This program will provide an academically rigorous, graduate level, public health education to health practitioners, managers, researchers and others engaged in public health. Support is needed in the following areas: The Chair in Public Health will enable Western to recruit and retain a distinguished clinician researcher to provide leadership with a focus on public health initiatives including curriculum development and building partnerships across campus and the larger community. The Master of Public Health Program will prepare students to address public health challenges in Canada and abroad, providing opportunities for students to serve not just in their local communities, but also contribute to and lead in national and international public health initiatives.

Scientific Director/Barnett Chair in Stroke Prevention

Robarts Research Institute at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry is internationally-renowned for its work in medical imaging and degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, ALS and multiple sclerosis. Robarts seeks support to attract an outstanding Scientific Director with expertise in the area of the prevention and treatment of stroke. Support for the Chair will provide core funds to advance the discovery of new prevention strategies and therapies and support the work of collaborative research teams.

Additional Initiatives of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry

The Schulich Fund and The Robarts Fund Awards, scholarships and bursaries, including international exchanges Chair in Anesthesia (EPiCOR) Chair in Cardiac Surgery Gunton Chair in Cardiology Chair in Vascular Surgery Molecular Brain Research – Alzheimer’s, Concussions, Disease, Spinal Cord Lab and Operation Room Renovations