The Hippocratic Council

The Hippocratic Council is the governing body for medical students at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry.  Members of the Hippocratic Council play a vital role in shaping our curricular and extracurricular activities.  We collect valuable student feedback regarding courses, have representation at medical education meetings, and present regularly to the Undergraduate Medical Education Unit regarding academics.  Our vision is BCOE, to develop the “Best Curriculum on Earth” by ensuring everyone’s voice is heard.  The Undergraduate Medical Education Program has implemented our suggestions over the years and this two- way communication is a reason we are so passionate about our curriculum.  With regards to extracurricular activities we are always looking to find opportunities for self-development.  We organize clubs, specialty talks, are involved by volunteering in the community, send students around the world for medical work, partner with the OMSA, CMA, and CFMS, and find ways to wind down through social events.  By participating in these initiatives we are developing leadership, communication, teamwork, and management skills to ultimately develop ourselves to become better doctors of tomorrow.